After my first Leadworks_v2 map was finished, it was time for a seccond map.
 I picked another multiplayer map from the game Aliens versus Predator 2 to work on.
This seccond map was called Outpost 4, on of my favourite maps in AVP2.

Lerning from my mistakes i made in the Leadworks map, progress went alot faster this time.
Also i included alot of custom textures i had to make from scratch, and a 3d skybox.

Of course for many new things i included i had to use the tutorials from "3kliksphilip" again.

Also i got alot of optimisation tips from Zeph from to make things run smoother,
thx for your time again.

Finally, some numbers:

mapper:  xenomorph
start date:  around june 2010
end date:  25-11-2011
hours mapped:  around 300
hours tested:  around 20

To get the map, proceed to the download area: